Deep Clean Your Home – Let the Outside It in Month Four

Pulizie di primaveraIt’s April! I’m hoping you’re feeling Spring already – I know I am. We get plenty of miserable rain here in the south during the winter months, but somehow rain in April makes me happy. Plants and trees are starting to bloom and more time is spent outside. We want the sun to shine right in, and you’re probably noticing how dirty your windows have gotten this year. Let’s do something about that!

WINDOWS With the dogs and the kids, I feel like I’m cleaning the same windows every week. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that, but we can do something about the rest of them. Be sure to clean both the inside and the outside of each window. Don’t forget the sills and any hardware, as they each get grimy in their own sort of way. Many of my windows, inside and out, I can reach  quite conveniently. However, the second-story ones become tricky. Windex (as well as some other brands) make a nifty solution you can screw onto the end of your water hose. …Anything that works, just gotta get ’em done!

Good Housekeeping recommends a solution of white vinegar (2 TBSP) and water (1 GAL) and using newspaper to apply and scrub your windows clean. I prefer using paper towels to apply and clean, and then a lint-free cloth to “polish” it up after everything is good and dry. I find this works well, especially for my sun-facing windows. The goal is no streaks, so try some different methods and you’ll discover what works for you.

Even after a good cleaning last April, I was finding that my outside windows were getting filthy after each rain. As I investigated the cause, I found that my gutters needed a good cleaning as well as my siding. Not to create more work, but when put up the work upfront, life will be so much easier in the long-run.

Next month.. May finds us inside focusing on our bedrooms.

“Deep Clean Your Home – One Month at a Time” is an on-going series of articles helping homeowners with the daunting task of cleaning and organizing for a happier, healthier home. Be sure to look back at the months you’ve missed and look forward to those yet to come!

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